The Pact 2 (2014)

Written and directed by Dallas Richard Hallam and Patrick Horvath.  Starring Camilla Luddington, Caity Lotz, Scott Michael Foster, Amy Pietz and Patrick Fischler.

Plot: a woman is having nightmares about a serial killer that has an actual connection to her real world.


Oh god.  Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse than the first one, we question why we even turned this one on.

So, first off, June (Luddington) is in this toxic relationship with her cop boyfriend, Daniel (Foster) who she’s a bitch to for seemingly no reason at all.  She cleans up crime scenes for a living and gets called to one that has the M.O. of the Judas killer from the first movie.  Then, in a very batshit, wonky, over-complicated mess, the FBI man, Ballard (Fischler) pops up to tell her that she was adopted and that her real mother was killed by the Judas killer.  So, she goes to Annie (Lotz) from the first film, to see if she can help her.

******SPOILER ALERT******




Turns out to be the boyfriend.  Why?  It doesn’t make any sense.  And the end end, when the Judas killer pops up behind her, really doesn’t make any sense.  It almost felt like the writers/directors were trying to sabotage the point of their own movie.  If it had a point.  We didn’t really find one.

The only reason to watch this movie is because Foster is hotness.  Even if he is running around killing people with no good motive.  And was it really necessary to bring Annie back into the picture just to kill her?  Ugh.  Points for the cast anyway, though.  But that’s about it.

Our score: 20.

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