Gags the Clown (2018)

Directed by Adam Krause.  Written by Krause and John Pata.  Starring Lauren Ashley Carter, Tracy Perez, Evan Gamble, Eric Heuvelman and Aaron Christensen.

Plot: a reporter in Green Bay, Wisconsin, tries to identify a mysterious clown terrorizing the city.


Heather Duprey (Carter) is a reporter trying to identify who Gags the Clown is.  She’s reluctant because she doesn’t think there’s a story there.  But then she finds out that a podcaster, Charles Wright (Christensen) decides to go on his own hunt for Gags and suddenly Heather thinks this is the story.  Soon, they – along with a group of obnoxious teens and a pair of cops – are embroiled in a mystery that will only lead to death.

After talking to a local, it seemed that Heather got a bit of a motive, but the movie never fleshed it out.  There weren’t many rules and there was no Freddy Claws either.  It was a good idea, but a poor execution.  I liked some of the direction though, but DJ didn’t.  The only thing was really top notch was the acting and character of the camera guy.  He was very likable and very funny.  Still, we can’t recommend.

My score: 32.  DJ’s score: 23.

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