The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.  Written by Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa.  Starring Addison Timlin, Spencer Treat Clark, Anthony Anderson, Joshua Leonard, Veronica Cartwright, Gary Cole and Edward Herrmann.

Plot: decades after the Phantom murders in Texarkana, someone starts killing again with the same M.O. paying particularly stalky attention to one teenage girl.


In 2013, on Halloween, a masked man terrorizes Jami (Timlin) and kills her boyfriend Corey (Clark).  He continues to stalk Jami and continues to rack up bodies, telling Jami that he won’t stop until she makes everyone remember.  Jami gets a police escort, Deputy Foster (Leonard), which makes sense, but what doesn’t is that they let her leave town without him.  That makes no sense.

Other bad news: everyone dresses like it’s the seventies and we’re not sure why.  There was a terrible motive, we didn’t dig the kills and the rules were nonexistent.  It was like they took a bunch of capable actors and put them into shit.  Sick, haphazard, shit.


*****SPOILER ALERT******



So the killers, yes killers, Deputy Foster (cause Leonard always seem to play a bad guy) and Corey (who faked his death) don’t even really know each other like that, but for some reason they’re killing people together.  Except that eventually Foster kills Corey himself.  It’s so fucking stupid.  I would not recommend this movie for anyone.

My score: 24.  DJ’s score: 13.

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