Home (2016)

Directed by Frank Lin.  Written by Lin and Jeff Lam.  Starring Heather Langenkamp, Kerry Knuppe, Aaron Hill, Lew Temple and Samantha Mumba.

Plot: Carrie (Knuppe), a religious freak, has to move into a house with her mother (Langenkamp) and her mother’s wife, when creepy stuff starts to happen and Carrie has to overcome her fears to save her sister.


We were confused as to who we were supposed to like in this movie.  Even Tia (the little sister) is a brat.  Still it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be.  It was original.  A little bit of an M. Night piece of work.  A ghost story through and through, some have called it propaganda, but we didn’t see that at all.  Also, I admit that I jumped once.  Not ashamed.  Also, we liked the boyfriend, Aaron (Hill) who believed Carrie right away.

The bad news is that the twist ending was a bit annoying.  We won’t give it away, but we really can’t stand movies that lead you somewhere they can’t possibly actually go.  We didn’t like the rules because of this.  And there were no boob shots.

I recommend a viewing though, but DJ says only to watch if you’re really bored.

My score: 53.  DJ’s score: 51.

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