The Culling (2013)

Written and directed by Rustam Branaman.  Starring Jeremy Sumpter, Brett Davern, Elizabeth DiPrinzio, Chris Coy, Virginia Williams, Harley Graham and Johnathon Schaech.

Plot: 5 friends on their way to SXSW stop to help a lost, little girl and then fall prey to a creature/cult.


Five friends on a road trip stop to help a little girl, Lucy (Graham) who seems lost.  So, they take her to where she says her home is and it’s a deserted farmhouse with broken dolls all over the place.  From there, it gets really strange.  Lucy’s parents (Williams and Schaech) come home, but then leave again.  Some of the kids get into a car accident trying to leave.  Another kid wants to leave after experiencing something supernatural.  And another one of them has an overdose after stealing a drug from the parents’ cabinet.

The editing was crazy.  The sound effects were unusual.  The direction and writing were lousy, too.  The only reason we didn’t turn it off was because we truly wanted to know what was going on.  And if Amanda character kept having all these creepy visions, why did she open the fucking door??

No one is likable, especially not Emily (DiPrinzio).  The only part where they dabbled in creeptasticness was not enough to save the movie.  And there was no boob shots.  Like, how is that possible in this kind of movie?


******SPOILER ALERT******



What is the end exactly?  What is the little girl going to do to her?  If they wanted the girls to make demon spawn, why did they want the boys?  Are all the children going to burn now?  Is Lucy going to start over again somewhere else?  Does this mean that the bitch Emily get to live?

We had so many questions.  We were not happy.  We do not recommend.

Our score: 13.

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