Deadcon (2019)

Directed by Caryn Waechter.  Written by Scotty Landes.  Starring Lauren Elizabeth, Claudia Sulewski, Keith Machekanyanga, Mimi Gianopulos and Lukas Gage.

Plot: a group of social media influencers encounter an evil spirit at the biggest digital event of the year.


Ashley (Elizabeth) is a social media goddess who comes to a prestigious event and gets double booked, so they put her in a room that no one should be using.  Her manager, Kara (Gianopulos) is a complete bitch because it turns out Ashley wants to quit social media for awhile and Kara won’t let her.

Meanwhile, Megan (Sulewski) is also there and she’s also famous and has the room right next door to Ashley.  Megan is cheating on her boyfriend, Ricky (Gage) with Dave (Machekanyanga).  One night Dave tapes them having sex and when he plays the tape back, he sees a boy watching them.  A boy he swore wasn’t there.  This shocks him, of course, but so much other stuff is happening, too.


Like, Ashley gets sucked into the closet in her room and begins to act unconventionally.  Then, finally people begin to die and it all has to do with this computer program from 1984.  Then, other stuff happens and it’s all stupid.  We assume this is a warning against too much social media use, but whatever.  It wasn’t a decent movie.  The people weren’t very likable.  It wasn’t fun.  There was no boobs and there should have been.  There’s bad Freddy Claws.  And you only really see one murder.

Our score: 19.

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