Havenhurst (2016)

Written by Andrew C. Erin and Daniel Farrands

Directed by Andrew C. Erin

Starring: Julie Benz, Belle Shouse, Josh Stamberg, Danielle Harris, Dendrie Taylor, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Fionnula Flanagan

Plot: Strange events plague a troubled woman after she moves into a gothic apartment building.


I have looked around online and this movie is not getting good reviews from a lot of people but i don’t agree much at all. This is a morality tale and an obvious one at that so i think that makes a lot of people uncomfortable in one way or another. It also lacks (which is good for me) a typical horror ending. For me most horror movies have one of two endings, Hope or Hate. Which means it ends with your hero or final girl surviving and walking off into the sunset or it ends with a massive horrific gut punch that leaves the audience disgusted (if they have a soul)  or at least questioning the point. I personally don’t think this movie falls under either category, but i’ll let you watch it and decide.

Having said all that i will add that I loved the motive in this movie though from discussions i have had and other reviews i have read, many did not. My sister and I even disagree on it, she gets where i’m coming from but says just no! I will criticize the wonder woman like traits of our heroine though, but i think that happens a lot in different movies. Either the hero is invincible throughout or our hero trips once and never runs again, movie tropes , gotta love em! I also thought it could have shown more in terms of kills.

The picture of H.H. Holmes in the lobby is a nice subtle touch. Being as he is a lesser known serial killer. This has a god cast, love Julie Benz and I have a soft spot for Danielle Harris and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn because i have met them both and they are super sweet. Good Freddy Claws. Has a solid opening and some boobs.

Overall i really enjoyed this movie and gave it an 81/100, Tara and I clearly did not see eye to eye as she gave it a 48/100. But give it a shot i say! As of writing this it is on Netflix and it is on the shorter side so even if you don’t like it not much time is wasted, however if you are anything like me you will dig seeing justice served.


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