We Are Not Alone (2016)

Directed by Daniel Rodriguez Risco.  Written by Gonzalo Rodriguez Risco.  Starring Marco Zunino, Fiorella Diaz, Zoe Arevalo and Lucho Caceres.

Plot: a family moves into a new house and paranormal events begin to occur.


This Peruvian horror film did not live up to what we were hoping for.  It was well acted and a little entertaining, but there were no rules and a crap motive.  Also, we would’ve smacked Sofia in the very beginning for being so mean to Monica.

******SPOILER ALERT******



But what really brought the score for this film down was the ending.  Because apparently, the ghosts can leave the house.  So, that’s not fair.  Bad story guys.  Bad.

Our score: 36.

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