Where the Others Are (2020)

Directed by Austin and Aaron Keeling.  Written by Melissa Hughes.  Starring Emily Goss and Daniel Van Thomas.

Plot: a woman living in an RV with her abusive husband begins to suspect he’s been replaced by an alien.


Originally produced as a live immersive theatre experience for only two audience members at a time, Where the Others Are takes you into the RV as though you are a friend of the couple – or at least of the wife.  You are called to help her get away from heer husband who she now believes is an alien and no longer her husband.  He’s too nice these days and he takes notes on everything and he’s constantly making eggs.


It’s a very interesting concept, but overall we didn’t love the story.  It sort of felt like a weird philosophy class.  But we totally believe that this is one of those things you should experience for yourself.  So, if you have the capacity, you should rent it as it’s available online now on Vimeo.  Just follow the link below:

Where the Others Are

Our score: 38.

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