The Shortcut (2009)

Directed by Nicholas Goossen.  Written by Dan Hannon and Scott Sandler (yes, Adam’s brother).  Starring Drew Seeley, Shannon Woodward, Dave Franco, Katrina Bowden, Raymond J. Barry and William B. Davis.

Plot: a small group of teenagers get into trouble after taking a shortcut they’re told not to take.


Let me start by saying that although these teenagers break the rules and take the shortcut, we genuninely wanted them to live.  We liked them.  They were realistic characters with realistic reactions to things.  We even laughed out loud at a couple parts because we thought they were that fleshed out as human beings.  Even the effects were great.  Simple, yet so well done.  So, why am I so pissed off after watching this gem of a movie??

It shit the bed as DJ says.  So hardcore, did it shit the bed.  I think the writers wanted this to go down in the annals of horror history as one of the best surprise endings ever, but instead they ended up with a unruly mess in our eyes.  In the end, as it turns out, there was no motive and no rules.  And the story!!  Oh, the story!  I will sit through the first 80 minutes over and over again if someone could just erase the last five minutes from my memory.


Suffice it to say, the scary movie department of Happy Madison, which funded this movie, never did another horror picture.  I’m not surprised.  Not at all.

Our score: 39.

One thought on “The Shortcut (2009)

  1. I remember this movie as not bad but disappointing. Maybe it was the ending that disappointed me so much. I won’t watch it again to find out, thanks for helping not take a stroll down bad ending lane.

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