My Little Eye (2002)

Directed by Marc Evans.  Written by David Hilton and James Watkins.  Starring Kris Lemche, Laura Regan, Sean Cw Johnson, Jennifer Sky, Nick Mennell, Stephen O’Reilly and Bradley Cooper.

Plot: five people agree to stay in a creepy, isolated house for six months to make $1,000,000, but no one can leave or no one gets anything.


I am so glad that Bradley Cooper doesn’t have to do bullshit like this anymore and if someone tried to make me watch it again, I’d stab them in their little eye.

The setup is that five contestants agree to be part of this reality web series where they have to spend six months in a house for one million dollars.  But as is customary with this type of film, something goes awry and everything goes to shit.  In this case, several things happen: the contestants fight, Emma (Regan) starts receiving strange messages, a letter comes claiming that Danny’s (O’Reilly) grandfather has died, a gun with five bullets arrives and then a mysterious stranger (Cooper) does.

Our favorite character was Rex (Lemche) because he felt like the only one who wasn’t a hypocrite.  Still most didn’t deserve the reality of the situation.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******




I’m tired of the rich people watching the poor people die scenerio.  It’s been done.  And no, not everyone has a price.  Maybe people who have price’s would like to think that to make themselves feel better, but it’s not true.  There are good people in the world.  This is what makes movies like Halloween so great and protagonists like Laurie Strode so relatable.  But this trash.  This was not Halloween.

In the end, the whole thing was set up by some rich people and one of the contestants, Matt (Johnson), who thankfully, ends up dying himself because he trusted said rich people.  It was a joke of a film.  A joke.  We hated it.

Our score: 12.

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