8 Horror Movies So Bad We Had to Turn Them Off

As always, you can watch at your own risk, but we think these movies were so bad that we turned them off halfway through.



A movie starring Casper Van Dien doesn’t have to be bad, but this one is.  The story is weak, the skeleton man’s costume is horrendous and most of the acting was a joke.  We turned it off after he took a helicopter out with a spear.



The tagline “Terror Has Surfaced” has never been more true.  It’s an unrealistic, terrible mess.  Everything about it was terrible.  The sharks growled.  For some reason the divers could speak to each other while wearing breathing gear.  The story was terrible, the acting was terrible, the specials were terrible.  We just couldn’t.



This was about bad people wanting to kill good people even though zombies were killing everyone already.  So tired of that.  We should have known from it’s 1990’s style opening that made reference to the Soviet Union which hasn’t been a thing since 1991, that it was gonna be bad, but this was ridiculous.  Horrible acting, horrible direction, shots are blurry for no reason.  And to top it all off, the last line of the movie we saw before deciding to turn it off was, “If I want your opinion, I’ll rape it out of you.”  So, yeah.



Now this is a sensitive subject because a lot of people love this movie, but we don’t.  A woman comes home from a mental institute and immediately begins seeing things and feeling like she’s going crazy.  But really it was just so stupid.  Apparently the whole town is marked and they’re under her spell.  Honestly, I didn’t just turn it off, I fell asleep during it.  Sorry.



A worm-like creature terrorizes a small town in New Mexico in this bad, bad movie.  I hate worm-like things first of all.  Second of all, I hate animal death, and there’s plenty of that, too.  And at one point the girl’s crying doesn’t line up with what’s on her face.  I feel bad for the half-decent actors that had to spew out the shit lines.



Another controversial opinion, but this one we hated.  It’s overrated.  It’s boring.  It’s overtly racist.  We don’t finish movies with black face in them.  So, we turned it off.



In this movie a young girl watches her mother get killed and then becomes violent herself.  It’s supposed to be all artsy being in black and white and all, but it’s not, it’s just stupid.  The girl’s fucking crazy.  I mean, if you want to watch a girl just go crazy for no real reason, than this movie is for you.  But we think it sucked.


DRANIAC! (2000)

While working in an old mansion, a group of friends are attacked by a water demon and it is gross.  It’s so gross and the direction is bad and the acting is bad and the story is bad.  OMG is it bad!!  Like with the others, we turned it off.

These of course are only our opinions.  Let us know what you think though.

2 thoughts on “8 Horror Movies So Bad We Had to Turn Them Off

  1. Excellent list! I tried to watch Zombie Apocalypse Redemption three times. I kept wanting to like it since I like most zombie thrillers, but it was terrible. And that black and white eyes of mother movie was dreadful. It was another I thought would get better so I kept suffering through it until I eventually gave up. Unearthed is deserving of the list for sure, and White Zombie, wow you pulled that classic out of the closet. It was definitely bad, but makes me wonder how good it was for its time…. The others I haven’t seen so thanks for saving me some time, I’ll skip them all.

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