The Frankenstein Theory (2013)

Directed by Andrew Weiner.  Written by Weiner and Vlady Pildysh.  Starring Kris Lemche, Heather Stephens, Timothy V. Murphy, Eric Zuckerman, Brian Henderson, Joe Egender and Christina Lakin.

Plot: a professor leads a film crew to the artic because he’s convinced that Mary Shelley’s novel is fact.


Dr. Jonathan Venkenheim (Lemche) believes that Mary Shelley’s novel is actually a fictionalized account of his ancestor’s very real journals.  So, he wants to go to the artic and find the monster that he knows truly exists.  He hires a film crew to go with him and film the whole thing.  Vicky (Stephens), the director, Eric (Zuckerman), the producer, Brian (Henderson), the sound guy, and Luke, the cameraman, accompany him.

To go into the artic, they hire a guide, Karl (Murphy).  When they first start hearing noises, Karl says it’s only wolves and not to be afraid.  But then the snowmobiles are trashed in the night and they know that’s not wolves.  Luke goes off to get help and never comes back.  Meanwhile, Jonathan insists that the monster can be reasoned with, but is that true?


The movie works mostly because of the script.  It’s hilarious in parts and the dialogue is generally realistic.  The found footage style shooting also works well.  And the story is decent.  Very original.  And finally, the acting is good, too.  We really enjoyed it and think you will, too.

My score: 65.  DJ’s score: 61.

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