Stage Fright (2014)

Written and directed by Jerome Sable, with music and lyrics being done by Sable and Eli Batalion.  Starring Allie MacDonald, Meat Loaf, Douglas Smith, Brandon Uranowitz and Minnie Driver (for all of 10 minutes).

Plot: a strange little theater camp is terrorized by a killer.


In 2004, Kylie Swanson (Driver) was murdered backstage at the opening of her musical, The Haunting of the Opera (get it?!).  10 years later, her children Camilla (MacDonald) and Buddy (Smith) are being raised by Roger (Meat Loaf), producer of a theather camp that’s about to go under.  When Camilla finds out, she decides to audition for the play, which happens to be The Haunting of the Opera.  But someone isn’t so happy about her getting the role.

So, there are many reasons this film doesn’t work and a only a few reasons that it does.  A few of the songs were good, but there weren’t enough comical numbers.  We didn’t like the lead actress, MacDonald, because she was a stone.  She had one facial expression and it wasn’t a good one.  The story wasn’t interesting either.  It started out funny enough, but then it got boring really fast.  It’s like the first part is a musical comedy, the second part is a musical drama and the end is a musical horror.  And it just doesn’t work.  Very uneven.  And DJ wanted the whole thing to be over about 30 minutes before it actually was.


If you want camp, watch Sleepaway Camp.  And if you want musical horror, watch Dead and Breakfast.  That’s our recommendation.

Us: 27.

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