Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

Directed by Ti West.  Written by West, Joshua Malkin and Randy Pearlstein.  Starring Noah Segan, Alexi Wasser, Rusty Kelley, Marc Senter, Giuseppe Andrews, Larry Fessenden, Judah Friedlander and Rider Strong.

Plot: a high school prom descends into chaos when the virus ends up tainting bottled water.


In this very unsanitary sequel, Paul (Strong) – from the first movie – is trudging through water and then gets hit by a school bus.  Turns out the water he was in leads to a bottling plant called Down Home Water which bottles a very popular brand of water and gets sent to a neighboring school.

At the school, John (Segan) is deciding whether or not to ask long time crush, Cassie (Wasser), to the prom.  His strange friend, Alex (Kelley), thinks that he should go for it, but Cassie’s ex Marc (Senter), threatens him at every turn.  Still, John decides to ask Cassie and she refuses, but they still all end up at the prom anyway.  Almost immediately though, people start dying.  Then, soldiers in hazmat suits show up to try to contain the outbreak.  And the war is on.


This is a nasty, nasty movie.  Still we liked it more than the first one.  For one thing, the story was better.  For another, the people were more likable.  There were boob shots.  Plenty.  It was funny.  It followed the rules it made.  And the cast was great.  We recommend this over the original any day of the week.

Our score: 58.

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