Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

Directed by Kaare Andrews (a famous Marvel artist and writer).  Written by Jake Wade Wall.  Starring Ryan Donowho, Brando Eaton, Jillian Murray, Lydia Hearst, Currie Graham and Sean Astin.

Plot: a bachelor party goes to an island they believe to be deserted for some fun and wind up encountering the flesh-eating disease.


In this prequel to Cabin Fever, along with the bachelor party going to the secluded island, there’s a laboratory there as well.  Dr. Edwards (Graham) is examining Porter (Astin), who apparently has the flesh-eating virus, but is not symptomatic.  So, Edwards wants to study him.  For two months.  In isolation.  And he keeps asking to see his wife, but is repeatedly denied.

DJ didn’t like anyone in the movie though except Porter.  And by the end, we weren’t even sure about him.  It was realistic though.  People are that fucking stupid and selfish.  The movie was funny in parts, but DJ would rather be punched in the face than watch this again.  DJ also thought that everyone became a killer a little too quick and while I did agree with him, I liked more of the movie than him.


I liked the innovation.  I mean death by dildo is ridiculous, but very well done.  And I generally liked most of the acting and the dialogue.  I thought it was a bit of B-movie gem.  DJ just did not agree.

My score: 47.  DJ’s score: 23.

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