Mercy (2014)

Directed by Peter Cornwell.  Written by Matt Greenberg, based on a short story titled “Gramma” by Stephen King.  Starring Chandler Riggs, Shirley Knight, Frances O’Connor, Dylan McDermott, Mark Duplass, Joel Courtney and Joe Egender.

Plot: a single mother and her two boys take care of her ailing mother.


Now, having read “Gramma”, I was excited for this movie.  But boy did it suck.  It wasn’t at all what the short story was.  When I say it was loosely based on the story, I mean LOOSELY.

The short story was simple, yet scary.  About a boy who gets left alone with his grandmother, who then dies in his care.  There’s a supernatural element to it, of course, as well.  The movie is supernatural, yes, but not much else is the same.  The subtle scares of the story are nonexistent.

The movie is just plain weird, too slow and too convoluted.  It didn’t grab us like the short story did.  I mean, we wanted to like it, but where were the rules?  Where was the explanation?  Why was there a little girl ghost?  I mean, WTF!


For the acting and the effects though, it did get points.  Just not many.  And we don’t recommend.

Our score: 30.

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