Monsters (2010)

Written and directed by Gareth Edwards.  Starring Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able.

Plot: six years after Earth is invaded by aliens, two people struggle to get through an “infected zone” so they can go home.


I usually don’t give away too much, or at least I try not to, but today I am giving it all away.  Lets start with the general premise of the film.  Andrew (McNairy) and Samantha (Able) are trying to get through a zone that was quarantined.  So, no, they shouldn’t even be there.  But it’s there only way back into the U.S., which is what they want.  And there’s alien creatures all over the place that like to kill people.  Now, you’re caught up.

The movie’s ending is also how it begins and that completely sucks ass because the ending is shit.  Everyone dies.  Like, everyone.  DO NOT get attached to anyone.  Cause they’re gonna die.  Also, even with the monsters, this movie wasn’t really your standard horror movie.  It was more sci-fi, but hardley even that.  It was kind of a drama with monsters.


The effects were good though.  The atmosphere was great.  The acting was steller.  He was so funny.  Managed to get a few laughs in around all that death.  Still, I can’t exactly recommend it.  And DJ thinks even less of it than I do.

My score: 39.  DJ’s score: 33.

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