Anguish (2015)

Written and directed by Sonny Mallhi.  Starring Ryan Simpkins, Annika Marks and Karina Logue.

Plot: Tess, a fragile teen, is haunted by a girl who died tragically.


Well, we didn’t like it.  Tess (Simpkins) lives alone with her mother Jessica (Marks) and is already a bit unstable.  Then, she starts being “haunted/possessed” by a girl named Lucy who apparently just wants to be able to say goodbye to her mother, Sarah (Logue).  After that there’s some eye color changes, some hospitals, some medications, some therapy and of course, a priest enters the picture.  It’s all very muddled.

It doesn’t really feel like a horror movie.  It feels like an indie movie about possession.  It’s slow during most of the movie.  Not necessarily boring, but slow.  There’s no real scares, no real rules and no real death.  Other than Lucy’s of course.  We will give it points for the memorable opening scene, the acting and the Freddy Claws, which surprisingly wasn’t atrocious for this type of movie.  But we do not recommend it.

Our score: 35.

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