Bloodworx (2012)

Directed by Eric Wostenberg.  Written by David Nahmod.  Starring Travis Van Winkle, John Bregar, Tamara Feldman, Mircea Monroe, Tricia Helfer and Eric Roberts.

Plot: college students sign up to test a new allergy drug, but end up fighting for their lives.


Also called Bloodwork and Phase One depending on where you live.  Greg (Van Winkle) and his friend, Rob (Bregar) sign up for the trial for the money.  Isn’t that why most of us would participate?  They can make $3000 a piece.  So, they meet the other participants and begin taking the drug.  Then, strange things begin to happen.  They find worms in their food and roaches in their beds, but no one seems to care.  Except Greg that is.  While the others simply lose their shit.

Turns out the drug is not for allergies (NO!), but rather a regenerative drug.  It boosts recovery rates of illnesses and injuries while lowering inhibitions.  And the reason Greg isn’t feeling it is because he’s the one subject that was given a placebo.  Like, excuse me, they would never just have one person in the control group, but whatever.  Let’s move onto other reasons this movie sucks.

Rob and Greg

Basically it’s a mass government conspiracy.  As it always is with movies like this.   And SPOILER ALERT, white one doctor (Helfer) has a crisis of conscience and decides to reverse the effects of the drug on Rob, she’s killed by other participants who don’t want it reversed.  Then, Rob and Greg have to fight their way through the building when the Big Bad (Roberts) comes to cleanse the place.  And just as they think they’ve gotten away, HA HA! nope.

It’s stupid.  We hate movies like this.

Our score: 15.

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