Malevolence (2004)

Written and directed by Stevan Mena.  Starring Samantha Dark, Brandon Johnson, Heather Magee, Richard Glover and Courtney Bertolone.

Plot: bank robbers take hostages to a farmhouse where it just so happens a serial killer resides.


In 1989, 6-year-old Martin is abducted and made to watch as his abductor kills women.  10 years later, four people rob a bank and take two hostages (a mother and daughter) on the way to their “safehouse”.  But then, they start getting killed by an unknown assailant.  And even when the mother and daughter break free, the unkown killer goes after them as well.  It kind of sounds like something me and DJ could have really enjoyed, but alas, it was bullshit.

******SPOILER ALERT******




The last robber, Julian, decides to let the mother/daughter go and try to get away from the killer, but then the cops come and kill him.  Cops don’t usually just kill people like that, but whatever.  I digress.  There’s like five times that the movie could end, but it never does.  Instead, it waits till the very moment when the mother and daughter, who are home now and think they are safe, slip into bed and the closet door opens a little behind them.  Meaning, hey, the killer is in the house and he’s going to kill them, too, for no fucking reason at all.

The acting was fine, but the soundtrack was terrible.  There were no boobs, the motive was shit and the ending, as described, was garbage.  We do NOT recommend.

My score: 15.  DJ’s score: 19.

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