Inkubus (2011)

Directed by Glenn Ciano. Written by Ciano and Carl Dupre. Starring Robert Englund, Joey Fatone, Michelle Ray Smith, Jonathan Silverman, Kevin John and William Forsythe.

Plot: a skeleton crew working the last shift at a soon-to-be-demolished police station must deal with a demon who walks in holding the head of a young woman.

Detective Tom Caretti (Fatone) is working when he gets handed the “Headless Horseman” case at the soon-to-be-demolished station that only a few other officers are working. The supposed horseman, Miles (John), says he didn’t do it though, but his girlfriend was the most recent victim and they were supposedly alone together. However, Miles says they weren’t really alone and that there was a demon (Englund) in the room who is the real murderer. The cops don’t believe him of course, until the demon walks in holding the young woman’s head and copping to her murder as well as many, many others.

The demon, or Inkubus, talks to Caretti and the other officers, but will really only speak about his multitude of crimes when a Detective Diamente (Forsythe) arrives because Diamente almost caught him once. Then the Inkubus goes on and on about how he’s almost 100 years old (or more) and he takes credit for some rather infamous murders that have happened throughout the years.

It’s a strange little movie with cops who say things like, “It’s like we’re in Cleveland” when they find all sorts of body parts in the back of the Inkubus’s van. We suppose there’s a lot of dismembering going on in Ohio we don’t know about. LOL Also, while we liked the concept, it was a bit unrealistic. Especially the parts with the mental hospital. But there was a good motive and Englund looks fantastic in a that trench coat.

Our score: 45.



2 thoughts on “Inkubus (2011)

  1. More than a fair score for this one. I just couldn’t handle Englund not being in a nightmare and some of the one liners didn’t make any sense to me, such as the one about Cleveland. Cleveland? What happened in Cleveland!

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