Crowsnest (2012)

Directed by Brenton Spencer. Written by John Sheppard. Starring Chelsey Reist, Mittita Barber, Christie Burke, Victor Zinck Jr., and Aslam Husain.

Plot: five friends go on a road trip and shit turns deadly when they run into some cannibals.

This movie was very unrealistic and full of horror movie stereotypes. For instance, they were supposed to listen to the creepy old guy that warns them to turn around. And they’re supposed to run when they see the ghastly little girl with hair in her face. And they are most definitely NOT supposed to chase down the vehicle that almost ran them off the road.

This movie felt longer than it was. It wasn’t scary. No one was likable. And there was no story behind any of it. We’re not sure who this movie was made for really. It wasn’t disturbing enough for veiwers in favor of that sort of thing and there wasn’t enough reasoning for those of us that want a little motive in our films.

Our score: 33.

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