Death Do Us Part (2014)

Directed by Nicholas Humphries. Written by Julia Benson, Peter Benson and Ryan Copple. Starring Peter and Julia Benson, Kyle Cassie, Benjamin Ayres, Emilie Ullerup, Christine Chatelain, Dave Collette, Aaron Douglas and Viv Leacock.

Plot: a Jack & Jill party takes a deadly turn when an unknown assailaint begins killing the guests.

This Canadian entry into the horror genre I find a little half-assed to be honest. It uses all that same cliche’s that we’ve come to know and be annoyed by. The protagonists aren’t even likable. Everyone’s got a secret. It ends where it begins. There’s twists upon twists. Everyone splits up. There’s no Freddy Claws at all. And the ending is a real “WTF” type ending where you don’t know what’s going to happen to the only damn character left alive.

I’d tell you more about the plot, but it is what I already said – a Jack & Jill party turns deadly in the middle of nowhere. There’s even a creepy caretaker who is just a little too much. It’s so unintentionally funny. We didn’t love the specials. It was unoriginal. I knew the end was coming before it came. There are no rules and I just thought it was weak. DJ almost liked it though and recommends that you give it a try if you feel like it. I say skip it altogether though.

My score: 37. DJ’s score: 42.

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