Resurrection County (2008)

Directed by Mike Zetell. Written by James Cotten and Matt Yeager. Starring Adam Huss, Kathryn Michelle, Dayton Knoll, Cassie Self and Matt Yeager.

Plot: a guy looking for some fun takes his wife, his preggo sister and her loser boyfriend on a camping trip in the backwoods.

I am so tired of these backwood hick movies. It’s the same damn thing every time.

  • All the hicks are related somehow, so some of them – at least – have deformities.
  • People get beat and stabbed and shot and keep on moving because apparently in the backwoods people don’t die like they do in the “real world”.
  • There’s at least someone – and by someone I mean a helpless woman, of course – gets raped by an inbred hick.

What’s different about this one is that it tried to shock us and failed. There weren’t even any boobs. In this one also, God has something to do with why the hicks are the way they are. So, they give them a motive, but not one we can stomach. The bad outweighs the good heavily and we just wanted it to end.

Our score: 28.

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