The Crawling Hand (1963)

Directed by Herbert L. Strock. Written by Strock and Wm. Idelson. Starring Peter Breck, Kent Taylor, Rod Lauren, Alan Hale and Allison Hayes.

Plot: a medical student, Paul (Lauren), finds the hand of a lost astronaut, sought by scientists, Steve (Breck) and Doc (Taylor).

An astronaut sends a distress call to the ground crew saying that his hand is doing weird things and that they need to press the big red button, which will kill him, so they do. But his hand lives on. And Paul finds it on a beach. He takes it home with him for some reason and it kills his landlady. Then, it attacks Paul and like, possessess him or something. (Not sure why, but it does. And he gets really dark circles around his eyes which lets you know that he’s possessed.) With the way he’s acting, the Sherriff (Hale) thinks he killed his landlady, but the scientists don’t believe that. They just know he has the arm and they know that it is the culprit.

This movie makes no sense. I mean, you can follow along if you want, but nothing that happens really means anything. But it’s hilarious at least. And it was original, too, even if the motive sucked. There’s also a literal cat fight at the end of the movie for no reason at all. I mean, the movies about crazy arms not crazy cats. Like, whatever. I had fun watching it though, but DJ didn’t at all, and neither of us would really recommend you watch it.

My score: 30. DJ’s score: 15.

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