The Wicked (2013)

Directed by Peter Winther. Written by Michael Vickerman. Starring Devon Werkheiser, Justin Deeley, Diana Hopper, Jess Adams, Jackelyn Gauci, Chase Maser, Jamie Kaler and Caitlin Carmichael.

Plot: a group of teenagers decide to test the legend of a local witch and of course, it goes wrong.

In the beginging, a little girl, Amanda (Carmichael) gets taken by a witch after breaking a window at the witch’s house. The witch’s house is supposedly abandoned and known as Open Hearth. None of the adults really believe in the with though. Barely any of the kids do either.

Meanwhile, Max (Werkheiser) and Zach (Deeley) are brothers who just lost their grandfather and who fight all the the time. Zach, the older brother, decides to go to Open Hearth with friends Julia (Adams), Tracy (Gauci) and Carter (Maser). They want to test the legend, but his parents told him not to go, so Max and his friend Sammy (Hopper) follow him there. Along the way, Max and Sammy share their first kiss. It’s sort of a coming-of-age horror story. Which is not a bad thing. We really enjoyed it.

So, all six of them throw rocks at the witch’s house and of course, windows are broken. And if you break a window at the witches house, she comes to find you and eat you. She needs certain kids to stay strong, certain ones to stay pretty and certain others to stay young. It’s not very scary, but it is good.

There’s a boob shot. The motive is good. The death by human meat grinder is cool. It’s realistic and there’s a good script. And the little Amanda is soooo cute. Things we didn’t like: the witch is too strong. We hate that. Some of the rules got flipped because of it and that’s not cool. But overall, the movie was very cool and we recommend.

My score: 72. DJ’s score: 77.

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