Piranha 3D (2010)

Directed by Alexandre Aja. Written by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. Starring Adam Scott, Christopher Lloyd, Dina Meyer, Eli Roth, Elizabeth Shue, Greg Nicotero, Jerry O’Connell, Jessica Szohr, Paul Scheer, Richard Dreyfuss, Steven R. McQueen and Ving Rhames.

Plot: after an underwater tremor sets scores of prehistoric piranha free, a group of strangers band together to survive.

It’s spring break and everyone’s out to party. Sheriff Julie Forester’s (Shue) little town is over taken by college students looking for a good time. But when she and her Deputy Fallon (Rhames) find a body riddled with teeth marks and a lone piranha, they take it to Carl Goodman (Lloyd), marine biologist, who has only the scariest of warnings. As they try to evacuate the area though, they realize that getting a bunch of drunk idiots to stop partying is easier said than done – and that’s when the real carnage comes in.

This movie is very fun and funny. There’s lots and lots of boob shots. Some of the death scenes are quite nasty. People aren’t just killed by fish, they’re also killed by boats. It’s very nice innovation actually. More of the characters could have been likable, but we didn’t mind watching them die. Plus, the actors playing them were right on point. There’s a good motive. And a memorable opening and ending.

Personally me and DJ would have gotten out of the water when they said, but we’re spoil sports that way. Haha. And another thing, this movie is so rewatchable, I could fall asleep to it. In the best possible way.

Our score: 75.

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