Crawl (2019)

Written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen

Directed by Alexandra Aja

Starring Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper

Plot: a father and daughter and their dog are hunted by alligators during a hurricane

Right on the cusp of a bad hurricane, a girl, estranged from her father is compelled to check on him anyway. You meet “Haley” first, a competitive swimmer with obvious family problems. I could relate to that right away which I dug, especially since too many movies leave me straining to find any meaningful similarity or comradery with the main character or ensemble, and that’s if I even care to because all too often the protagonists are jerks. Anyways… she has her flaws but i was rooting for her the entire movie.

For the most part her and her father “Dave” were both likable and well presented by Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper respectively. They have a dog as mentioned in the plot, but spoiler alert, sort of, they actually care about and love their dog so they look after the fur baby and unlike a ton of horror movies the dog is not there for simple and almost always lazy cannon fodder. This fact endeared the trio to me even more.

The movie despite the small cast and arguably thin plot moves quickly, is never boring or uninteresting. The plot did not feel flimsy either even though it was pretty simple. It is to me a survival movie. How much are you going to fight when things get tough, but it manages to avoid the very common cliche of inescapable horrors. I understand more than most that bad things happen but to be presented with movie after movie of people in horrendous and impossible situations for the sole purpose of making your audience feel sick, hopeless or even angry for nothing more than shock value sake or the writer/directors bleak world view. Call me crazy but I like to be either completely entertained or educated by things I watch and read. Preferably both. I feel this movie does that job, I enjoyed watching it in the way I enjoy roller coasters, fun, exciting, suspense and thrills and I didn’t end up like so many poor schmucks at the beginning of Final Destination 3. And it was thought provoking about several things like our planet, our fellow creatures and of course family.

The director knew what they were doing, good acting, good special effects, very realistic, believable motive, established and followed rules, and it was fun to watch including what I consider to be good ending.

Tara quite enjoyed “Crawl” with a score of 62/100 and if you can’t already tell, I loved this movie with a score of 84/100 so go watch it! Report back with how much you agree with me, or even if you disagree and i’ll set you straight haha

One thought on “Crawl (2019)

  1. Good review and I’ll agree with you. A restrained location, an extremely simple plot, yet the movie was fast paced and full of suspense that kept moving. My only complaint was at the very end, it seemed they stopped before they were in the clear, and I thought it has set up a Friday the 13th moment, but it didn’t.

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