Candyman (1992)

Written by Clive Barker and Bernard Rose

Directed by Bernard Rose

Starring Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen

Plot: Candyman is summoned by a stupid white girl while exploring the “myth”

In this Clive Barker classic we meet “Helen Lyle”, an uppity grad student who like many people who claim otherwise is incredibly stupid even when she is supposedly in the pursuit of knowledge. I understand that everyone has their own beliefs but like way too many real life people, this fictional character basically makes fun of what other people believe under the guise of research all while holding beliefs herself that she could never hope to prove. Seriously she spends so much of this movie laughing at the people she interviews about urban legends.

Her lack of intelligence and awareness touches every aspect of her life too. Her investigative “skills” lead her to go all kinds of places alone. She is also very naive about her own relationship despite being such a skeptic.

There is a pretty bad dog death so points off there, no I did not say spoiler alert because I don’t consider it a spoiler for two reasons, one being if you don’t know that the vast majority of the time a dog is only there to die then you haven’t been paying attention, and two I consider it a protection for people who choose to steer clear of certain kinds of upsetting material.

While we did not dig the overall motive and it had a low level of Freddy Claws, I personally loved his method of killing, it has a good script, a great cast, good effects and I love the music.

Look out for “Stacey’s” top at the end of the movie, if you can see it that is lol. Also “Jake” is cool.

I wanted to play the game after we watched the movie but we resisted temptation. I do wish there had been more bees, it would be a great warning sign/ calling card.

In addition to the movie being good we got to meet Tony Todd a few times and he is awesome which only increased my affinity for Candyman. Tara really enjoyed it with a score of 66/100 and I loved it with a score of 84/100 so Be My Victim and go watch or watch it again, whatever the case may be!

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