Death Ship (1980)

Directed by Alvin Rakoff. Written by Jack Hill, David P. Lewis and John Robins. Starring George Kennedy, Richard Crenna, Nick Mancuso, Sally Ann Howes and Saul Rubinek.

Plot: nine survivors of a sunken liner are picked up by a big black ship of death.

Nine people whose cruise ship sinks on it’s final voyage, are picked up by huge black freighter. And the freighter is out to kill them once they’re onboard. For some reason, even after finding an empty ship, seeing hatches opening and closing by themselves and one man being killed, they still insist on splitting up. That’s a recipe for disaster, of course, and more people die. The movie isn’t scary, although the outside shots of the freighter do scare me because ships scare me in general. Other than that, the movie is just annoying.

The movie is very The Shining meets Twilight Zone. It seems to steal from a bit of things actually, some older, some newer. It also isn’t very innovative, has a horrible motive and there’s no rules. DJ really didn’t see the point of the movie at all. It just didn’t have much to say at all. Over all, the movie should have been better. It had a good cast and good effects and boob shots. Still, it’s nothing to write home about.

Our score: 37.

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