The Haunted Casino aka Dead Man’s Hand (2007)

Written by Domonic Muir

Directed by Charles Band

Starring Sid Haig, Michael Berryman, Scott Whyte, Robin Sydney, Kristyn Green, Kavan Reece, Jessica Morris, Lily Rains and Wes Armstrong

Plot: a guy inherits a casino from his great uncle and when he takes his friends there to check it out, the ghosts of mobsters seek revenge.

Matt (Whyte) brings his girlfriend JJ (Sydney) and four friends to explore the casino and while none of them are hugely likable, Matt and JJ are ok. One of them has a “secret” and none of the others know even though they are all supposed to be such close, good friends, so we didn’t really get that. We understand some people keep secrets, but if you can’t tell your friends then either they are not real friends or you are a coward.

When they begin to see and hear strange things they make it a point to say “let’s not split up”, but they inevitably do, go figure haha. There are other cliches like the “slutty one”. We were entertained for the most part, but it would have been better and received more points if it had more Haig and Berryman because as usual they were both great!

The ghosts start playing games with our protagonists at one point however the games aren’t fair so it wasn’t fun to watch and we took off points for rules, it didn’t feel realistic, the effects were lacking and despite the horror staples present there were no boobs.

Overall we didn’t mind the story, we minded the execution. Tara did not like it much with a score of 25/100, I nearly liked it at least ok with a score of 39/100.

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