Dead Birds (2004)

Directed by Alex Turner. Written by Simon Barrett. Starring Henry Thomas, Nicki Aycox, Patrick Fugit, Isaiah Washington, Michael Shannon, Mark Boone Junior and Muse Watson.

Plot: Confederate deserters rob a bank and then hoe up in an unfortunately haunted plantation.

So, this group of random people including Confederate deserters, an escaped slave and an army nurse rob a bank and kill a bunch of people in the process, including a kid. This is purely by accident, but they kill the kid nonetheless. So, they’re on the run and they stop at an abandoned plantation to rest.

As you can imagine, these are not great people, so there’s obvious strife within the group. Particularly because Clyde (Shannon) and Joseph (Junior) don’t like how William (Thomas) is running things. For instance, they don’t like that they have to share the money with a runaway slave (Washington). So, they fight, they divide, then they start to disappear.

The cast is great, but they’re not likable people. It was a terrible motive for everyone. There was no Freddy Claws. And what were the rules exactly? We didn’t see any. I really wanted to like it, too, cause I like so many of the actors, but we cannot recommend.

Our score: 32.

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