Most Likely to Die (2015)

Directed by Anthony DiBlasi. Written by Laura Brennan. Starring Heather Morris, Perez Hilton, Ryan Doom, Chad Addison, Tess Chistiansen, Marci Miller, Tatum Miranda, Johnny Ramey, Skylar Vallo and Jake Busey.

Plot: a group of former classmates gather for a party the night before their 10-year reunion and start getting picked off in a manner befitting their yearbook superlatives.

Very first thing that happens in this movie is that someone shows up and gets killed. Then, the rest of the group show up and wonder where she went to. But they get comfy anyway and start talking about old times. Turns out that they teased this kid, John, pretty mercilessly back in the day. Well, you and I know that’s ALWAYS a recipe for disaster, but they all pretend it isn’t. Until they find the first body.

Everyone is so stupid though. They, of course, split up. It’s kind of realistic though. I mean, they start fighting amongst themselves and accusing each other of murder and other things. It’s also hysterical in a way. And I don’t even love him IRL, but Perez Hilton made the movie. Fucking funny, let me tell you.

Parts work and other parts don’t. Like, where were the boobs? Too many chances for them to have had none in the movie. However, it was a decent enough flick. At least for me. DJ doesn’t really recommend it, but I say “give it a go!”

My score: 51. DJ’s score: 41.

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