Death House (2017)

Directed by Harrison Smith. Written by Smith and Gunnar Hansen. Starring Cody Longo, Cortney Palm, Adrienne Barbeau, Barbara Crampton, Bill Moseley, Camille Keaton, Danny Trejo, Dee Wallace, Felissa Rose, Kane Hodder, Larry Zerner, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Berryman, Richard Speight Jr., Sean Whalen, Sid Haig, Tiffany Shepis, Tony Moran, Tony Todd and Gunnar Hansen.

Plot: a power outage in a secret prison sends two federal agents fighting through a labyrinth of horrors.

So, there’s this secret prison that’s trying to eradicate evil supposedly. Two agents, Boon (Palm) and Novak (Longo) take a tour of all nine levels of the prison. Nine levels that are supposed to represent the nine levels of hell. Ya know, like Dante’s Inferno. But then the power goes out, the crazies are released and the death starts immediately. It’s just that the agents have demons of their own. I mean, they are some fucked up people. In the end you get to see exactly why, but is it worth it? No.

Getting to the end is a confusing journey. It’s cheaply made as well. It’s obvious that the story is a platform for some philosophical theory, but it never really goes anywhere. It’s bullshit. And it’s never horrific.

There are boob shots and a great cast, but the lack of rules and solid plotline detract far too much to enjoy this movie. We really do NOT recommend.

My score: 15. DJ’s score: 20.

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