Better Watch Out (2017)

Written by Chris Peckover and Zack Kahn

Directed by Chris Peckover

Starring Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould, Aleks Mikic, Dacre Montgomery, Patrick Warburton and Virginia Madsen.

Plot: In a quiet suburb, Ashley (DeJonge) must protect her charge, Luke (Miller) from intruders.

Ashley comes to babysit and quickly hears something, but it only turns out to be Lukes friend Garret (Oxenbould). From there the movie gets complicated. Admittedly I often dislike movies with a lot of who dunit and mystery ad reveals. However if done well, artfully, and not pounded and exhausted then those things can be fun. This movie is not fun in that area. It feels forced. You wouldn’t witness someone taking a “shortcut” and marvel at them taking as many turns as possible because that would be ridiculous and most likely end up taking just as long if not longer than the normal route. Just like that when someone makes a movie if every time it can the movie slaps you in the face then it gets annoying. Especially when the slaps don’t always make or stop altogether making sense.

In the vein of that unrealistic route the movie takes, it extends into injury and other bodily harm. The sequence of violence and events is unlikely at best with things like size, strength, experience and probability not being taken into consideration at all. I get that for all movies there is at least some level of suspended disbelief required. However this movie pretends to be too real for me to allow much leeway in that area.

I did think the story was original and I actually liked the motive but I really did not like the ending and just like finding a hair in your meal even though you are almost done your plate, it pretty much ruins the whole dinner. Tara hated the movie and saw a lot of the themes in the movie completely different than I did. We both liked the acting, which is the only thing we agreed on the entire time.

Like I mentioned Tara hated it and gave it only 17 out of a possible 100 points and I gave it more than twice as many points but due to feeling forced and false I ended up giving it only a 36/100 so like the title says you “Better Watch Out” because if you don’t you’ll be stuck with this lump of coal.

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