Hypothermia (2010)

Written and directed by James Felix McKenney. Starring Michael Rooker, Blanche Baker, Benjamin Forster, Amy Chang, Don Wood, Greg Finley and Larry Fessenden.

Plot: two families ice-fishing for the weekend must survive a monster in the lake.

Hypothermia (2010) Directed by James Felix McKenney Shown: poster art

Ray (Rooker) brings his wife, Helen (Baker), his son, David (Forster) and his son’s girlfriend, Gina (Chang) out onto the lake for a relaxing weekend of ice-fishing. Of course, that’s not what they get. First, another family shows up – father, Steve (Wood) and son, Steve Jr. (Finley) – that they don’t get along with. Then, Steve Jr. gets pulled under the ice by something, cut up, and his pops insists a shower is all he needs when he really needs a hospital. Then, things get even worse. The monster under the ice is very hungry.

The creature is interesting looking. It wasn’t really original, but it followed it’s rules well. The acting was good, but there was little Freddy Claws. And the ending was happyish, sort of. I know that sounds cryptic, but I don’t want to give too much away because we actually both recommend this one.

My score: 57. DJ’s score: 62.

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