Screamers (1995)

Directed by Christian Duguay. Written by Dan O’Bannon and Miguel Tejada-Flores. Based on the short story “Second Variety” by Philip K. Dick. Starring Peter Weller, Roy Dupuis, Jennifer Rubin and Andrew Lauer.

Plot: in 2078, on planet Sirius (a mining planet), a group of soldiers fight self-replicating killing devices known as Screamers.

So, let’s see: NEB (controllers of mining operations) and the Alliance are at war on Sirius. And the Alliance has created AMS (Autonomous Mobile Swords – nicknamed Screamers) to protect the mines, but of course they’ve overcome, as all machines do, and are now killing everything in sight. They are nicknamed Screamers because of the high-pitched noise they make. And they can appear completely human. So, you may not know a Screamer when you see one.

Some of the effects were really cool. Others were just sad. There was a good cast though. I’ll watch Roy Dupuis do just about anything. LOL. It followed rules, but was highly predictable. We knew who the Screamers were before it was revealed. It was an entertaining movie though. Just not one we loved.

Our score: 50.

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