Quicksilver Highway (1997)

Written and directed by Mick Garris. Based on “Chattery Teeth” by Stephen King and “The Body Politic” by Clive Barker. Starring Christopher Lloyd, Matt Frewer, Raphael Sbarge, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bill Nunn, Veronica Cartwright, Clive Barker, Cynthia Garris and John Landis.

Plot: a travelling showman, Aaron Quicksilver, tells two tales of horror to random people he meets.

The first story Quicksilver (Lloyd) tells is about a man (Sbarge) who is trying to get home for his son’s birthday. At a gas station, he picks up two things, a hitchhiker (Mitchell) and a pair of chattery teeth. He has some reservations about the hitchhiker and they turn out to be warranted. He’s a bad man. But the chattery teeth are exceptionally good and soon they help the man turn the tables on the hitchhiker.

The second story has to do with Dr. George (Frewer), a cosmetic surgeon whose own hands start working against him. They act on their own accord see and they end up killing Dr. George’s wife. Then, one hand cuts off the other hand and things get even savage after that, but I won’t give it away.

While both stories are original and written by masters of their craft, we liked the chattery teeth story way better. We don’t presume to know what Barker was thinking when he wrote “The Body Politic”, but it is just weird. Yes, somehow it’s stranger than a set of chattery teeth coming to life.

The first story also had a great motive, followed rules, and was highly rewatchable. The second story has none of that. However, both have great casts. So, we do recommend the movie. And hey, maybe you’ll like the second one more.

My score: 64. DJ’s score: 70.

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