The Graves (2009)

Written and Directed by Brian Pulido

starring Clare Grant, Jillian Murray, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley and Amanda Wyss

Plot: Megan and Abby Graves go on a road trip and end up in a hellish place called Skull City

As you can see the two leads provided plenty to enjoy in the movie 😉

This is pretty low budget but not in an unwatchable way. It starts off a bit fast though with the girls running for their lives about 10 minutes in and that made at least some of the movie drag for my sister and we are guessing some others out there too. Me on the other-hand did not mind watching the cat and mouse of it all.

After a little while the movie starts to explain the why of everything though by then Tara was already annoyed and rooting against the girls. Overall it wasn’t entirely original, but did have a good overall message, even so Tara said she would rather watch Children of the Corn, I do not concur.

I liked both girls and the motive and found it to be pretty re-watchable. The whole movie has a decent cast and we both love Tony and Bill. I also follow the writer director Brian Pulido occasionally in the comic book medium, he is quite active and often has projects of his own and backs the projects of others on crowd funding sites.

Tara is kind of on the fence overall with this one and gave it a score of 41/100, I however doubled her up and gave the Graves an 82/100 so I definitely recommend it but my sis doesn’t really.

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