Neverlake (2013)

Directed by Ricardo Paoletti. Written by Carlo Longo and Manuela Cacciamani. Starring Joy Tanner, Daisy Keeping and David Brandon.

Plot: a young woman travels to Italy to visit her father, but it is a grave mistake.

Jenny (Keeping) travels to Italy where her father is studying an ancient civilization and a lake. There, she meets some children, but no one is who they seem. Almost everyone gives off a creepy vibe and Jenny soon finds her own soul is at risk.

This is a terrible film about a real lake. To start with, the movie makes no sense. It’s obvious from the jump that her dad is hiding something, but you don’t know why. The motive is horrible. It’s not scary. We almost don’t even want to call it a horror movie because it’s more of a creepy mystery.

To be honest, the acting was the best part, but then the plot is so convaluted and gives us nothing. For instance, what was the Medusa thing in the lake and why was it helpful? And why was her brother able to affect the lake life that? It made no sense. Or at least not any sense that they explained. We can’t recommend.

Our score: 27.

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