Haunting on Fraternity Row (2018)

Directed by Brant Sersen. Written by Sersen and Jeff Cahn. Starring Jacob Artist, Jayson Blair, Shanley Caswell, Claudia Lee, Ashton Moio, Cameron Moulene, Molly Tarlov, Chester Rushing and Breon Pugh.

Plot: a frat house throws their big winter luau and the co-eds start dying horrible deaths.

In this movie saturated with stereotypes of the frats and sororities, we see college kids being killed because an evil entity has taken over one of the frat houses. During the party they put a hole in the basement wall and find a secret room filled with lights. They keep on partying. For about an hour all you’re watching is them partying. And them, boom!, a monster.

It’s funny in parts and the acting is good. But the people aren’t very likable, there’s seemingly no motive and there’s a bad story. In the last ten minutes of the movie we are introduced to these rules that completely suck and aren’t satisfying at all. It shits the bed. Hard.

It was fun up until the end, but we can’t recommend.

My score: 37. DJ’s score: 41.

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