Mask Maker (AKA Maskerade) (2010)

Directed by Griff Furst. Written by Furst, Eric Miller and Jake Kennedy. Starring Nikki Deloach, Stephen Colletti, Terry Kiser, Jonathan Breck, Mariah Bonner, Anabella Casanova, Jason London, Michael Berryman and Treat Williams.

Plot: a group of friends move into an old house they don’t realize is already inhabited by a vengeful and disturbed man.

In the beginning, a crazy woman sacrifices a baby to bring a man to life. Much later, on Jennifer’s (Deloach) birthday, Evan (Colletti), her boyfriend, gives her a house she doesn’t want. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t come around to the idea until he explains that he just wants them to fix it up together and then sell it. Of course, there’s shitty cell service out in the middle of nowhere which is where this house is located.

Jennifer and Evan go to Pluto’s store and gas station, where Fred (Berryman) works and is super nice to them. However, they also meet Mr. Peck (Kiser) who tells them ominously that they shouldn’t have bought the house and that they can’t go digging in the backyard. The ignore him though and invite four of their friends to help remodel the house.

There’s a lot of homage in this movie. I mean, Michael Berryman works at Pluto’s. That’s classic! And well done. But the movie fails to live up to the homages because the rest of the writing’s not that good. The motive’s bad. And the end kinda sucks. DJ didn’t like it at all. However, the cast doing their best and the humor throughout, it wasn’t all bad. Or at least I thought. And I recommend at least one viewing. So, you can see for yourself.

My score: 48. DJ’s score: 30.

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