Paranormal Island (2014)

Written and directed by Marty Murray. Starring Lance Henriksen, Briana Evigan, Randy Wayne, Ben Elliott and Eddie J. Fernandez Jr.

Plot: some college kids working as bartenders in the middle of a lake find themselves stranded and then haunted.

A long, long time ago the owner of the bar killed himself after losing the island establishment in a card game. Then, he comes back as a ghost and kills that guy. But he doesn’t stop killing there. A group of college kids get stranded on the island after dark and he starts killing them for no good reason.

The ghost is just a blob like thing that is NOT scary. It’s pretty awful. You don’t even see anyone die really. The acting was okay from the main cast, but the extras were ridiculous. The characters were unlikable. The script was poor. And there weren’t even any boobs.

My score: 20. DJ’s score: 27.

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