Playback (2012)

Written and directed by Michael A Nickles. Starring Johnny Pacar, Amber Childers, Alessandra Torresani, Jonathan Keltz, Jennifer Missoni, Toby Hemingway, Christian Slater and Daryl Mitchell.

Plot: while digging into the town’s past, students release an evil spirit.

In 1994, Harlan Diehl killed his whole family before he was killed by police. The only survivor was a baby, Harlan’s nephew, who he didn’t have time to kill. Most of this was captured on video by Harlan himself. Years later, a teenager named Julian (Pacar) wants to make a movie about Harlan and gets help from all his friends. He even gets help from Quinn (Hemingway), the skeevy news station cataloger who records the girls locker room as a side job. He gives these locker room tapes to the perverted cop, Frank Lyons (Slater). It’s all quite scandalous.

After watching the Diehl tapes he finds, Quinn starts to act strangely and begins killing people himself. Then, there’s some more mess about Diehl being the descendent of Louis Le Prince, inventor of cinematography (and real person), who apparently was the devil (not really) that stole souls through the camera. And beyond that, there’s still another twist coming. You’d think it’d get bogged down and it does, but it doesn’t make it bad necessarily.

It’s not fair that Quinn is super strong just cause he’s like possessed or however, but it’s still a good watch. The acting was not too shabby. The people were believable. The effects were nice. The soundtrack was good. And there were boobs, too.

My score: 62. DJ’s score: 65.

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