The Bone Snatcher (2003)

Directed by Jason Wulfsohn. Written by Malcolm Kohll and Gordon Render. Starring Scott Bairstow, Rachel Shelley, Warrick Grier, Patrick Shai and Adrienne Pierce.

Plot: a scientist finds a monster in the deserts of South Africa.

This film is really not exactly what it suggests. Workers in South Africa are disappearing and they are found without flesh. See the monsters don’t snatch bones, they snatch flesh. So, it’s already wrong. Then, Dr. Zack Straker (Bairstow) and Mikki (Shelley) get rather close rather quickly. They’ve been working together for like, one day and they’re boyfriend/girlfriend. And her ex, Karl (Grier) doesn’t like it. So, when Zack sees a monster, Karl says he’s crazy.

The rest of the movie gets even crazier. I mean, it wasn’t the most terrible movie we’ve ever seen, but it was just stupid. The rules were wonky. The story was poor. It just wasn’t that fun.

My score: 28. DJ’s score: 35.

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