Leprechaun (1993)

Written and Directed by Mark Jones

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Warwick Davis, Ken Olandt, Robert Hy Gorman, Mark Holton and John Voldstad

Plot: a leprechaun goes looking for his lost gold, and he kills anyone who gets in his way, even if they aren’t really in his way which sucks for people who are simply just in the vicinity

This movie is not amazing and has not aged that well. However you get to see a pre Friends Jennifer Aniston and a post Willow Warwick Davis. It also has some charm (get it?!) For example, the Leprechaun can be stopped with a 4 leaf clover and he hates lucky charms cereal. He also can’t help but to shine shoes, there is a particularly hilarious scene in which the protagonists try to distract him by throwing shoes and he runs around spit shining them lol. Jennifer at one point has strategically placed dirt, which some may consider cheesy, and it is but I like harmless cheese, the dirt is just smudges or her forehead, cheeks and chin. And Warwick tends to look cute when he gets shot or flies through the air, unintentional but adorable.

The movie sadly does not follow rules very well, some of which it created/tries to create throughout the film. Like he does hurt/chase/kill people who either do not have his gold or aren’t in his way. He also mentions multiple times that his powers returning even though he seemed pretty powerful without any of his gold. Tara didn’t like the effects, I did for the most part. This gets no Freddy Claws because no one believes anyone until it is way to late.

The cast is great, the movie is original and I love Warwick. It also ends well. Overall we recommend it, We both gave it a 59/100

…to sum up the vibe of the movie…..

One thought on “Leprechaun (1993)

  1. Growing up in a very Irish family, half were offended by the negative Irish stereotypes of Leprechauns and the other half convinced they are real, or at least were at some point in history. So I looked forward to this movie when it came out to see how he behaved and what kind of mischief he caused. But I never could get into it beyond liking Jennifer A. After reading this I’ll revisit it and see if I judged it too harshly, so thanks for the review.

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