Leprechaun 2 (1994)

Written by Turin Meyer and Alfredo Septien

Directed by Rodman Flender

Starring Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Shevonne Durkin, Sandy Baron, Clint Howard, Kimmy Robertson and Adam Biesk

Plot: a psychopathic leprechaun hunts for a bride

This movie is inferior to the original in every way. Harsh right? Well, no not really. The original was not perfect but it had a couple creepy parts and wasn’t over the top or ridiculous every time you turn around. For the sequel though a new “creative” team pulled back on the horror and dialed up the outrageous. Leprechaun 2 is filled with jokes and sight gags, most of which are bad. The opening is weird. The story line, rules and motive are strange. Examples of different things I said are in one scene the leprechaun is challenged to a drink off at a bar and people root against him except for a group of little people cheering on the leprechaun because as one of them says he is “one of us”. Bad movies shouldn’t reference great movies, not even average movies should. It only serves to remind people that they could be watching something else. Also, the leprechaun has to make a woman sneeze 3 times and if no one says god bless you then she belongs to him…super weird.

I didn’t like the two main characters in the beginning, the guy is a con artist and the girl is bitchy. They do not present as good people. I warmed to both a little bit but not enough to save the movie. The leprechaun captures Bridget and of course leaves bodies in his wake and of course loses his gold…again. But that was the only thing they “rehash” from the original. We read somewhere that this was a complete retread of the first one but we completely disagree. Anyone who thinks this is a repeat obviously didn’t watch the original. Bridget scream a lot during her captivity and tries to hurt/kill or trick the leprechaun a few times rather than attempting to escape while he is away. Her boyfriend tries to rescue her with help from his drunk uncle.

Overall it was original with nice innovation of murders and just ok special effects. It is unintentionally funny, unrealistic and has some pretty terrible acting save for Warwick Davis and Sandy Baron.

The score for this one after the first plummeted for us as we both gave it a 30 out of 100, we do not recommend it, have a drink instead, cheers!

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