Leprechaun 3 (1995)

Written by David Dubos

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith

Starring Warwick Davis, John Gatins, Lee Armstrong, Caroline Williams and Leigh Allen-Baker

Plot: the leprechaun goes to Las Vegas

We get another Leprechaun movie in short succession and similar to the first one the quick turn around shows…or maybe they wouldn’t have been good no matter how long they took. It isn’t all bad. Though it is far from good. They add to the mythos which makes the rule introductions and applications from the 2nd movie ever weirder and more cumbersome. In this one a medallion is lethal to him. He bites the main guy and for some reason that causes a slow transformation process into a leprechaun.

This one is pretty ridiculous and gets nasty in the kill department. When we gave this another view recently after awhile since we had last seen it, we both remembered one kill from this, the same gross, silly kill that will probably stick with you like it did us. We aren’t sure if they make the leprechaun look adorable sometimes on purpose or if it’s accidental. He dresses as a doctor in one part and poof there goes any fear you might have as it is replaced by that sound women make when they see babies or puppies followed by threats to squeeze and eat them.

There are boob shoots but this just isn’t a good movie, didn’t make enough sense, we know it’s a killer leprechaun movie but that doesn’t mean it has to dial up the nonsense so much. Tara gave it a 27, I was a little bit kinder with a 38 which is still pretty mean but deserved.

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