Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996)

Written by Dennis Pratt

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith

Starring Warwick Davis, Miguel A. Nunez Jr., Jessica Collins, Rebecca Carlton and Debbe Dunning

Plot: the leprechaun is in space to woo a beautiful alien princess who wants his gold.

This movie is hot garbage. Yes I had to open with that, You know what they say, rip off the band-aid quick. This movie would have hurt a lot less if it were much much shorter. As the title says this one is in space and of course there are soldiers like every other horror franchise that decided to go to space. The tagline massively over-promises terror but the biggest terror is in the writing. The effects are in on word, bad! The exterior shots are alarmingly bad. Like wow who thought they were good enough?? Were they free?? Had to be, no one in their right mind would pay for them. But this movie could not have been made by right minded people. How this ever got greenlit is beyond us.

The nonsense meter broke with this one. The princess takes off her bra to give a lecture which apparently is a capitol offense. Dr. Mittenhand is so ridiculous and over the top in his dialogue and gestures that you forget his stupid name. He plays the part as what seems like a hitler bot. They give the leprechaun a knock off light sabre in one part and in another they make him a giant but trust us when we tell you that if you choose to watch this it will never grow on you, no matter how many times you watch it or how many drinking games you invent to get through it.

Believe us when we tell you to skip this entirely as we both gave it a 5 out of 100.

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